Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How can you not want Robredo?

Linking to this column by Professor Monsod
"You want someone to help you fight jueteng? Robredo got an award for that. You want transparency and accountability? He also got an award for that. You want someone who can help poverty? Getting down to brass tacks: Naga had the lowest incidence of poverty—one out of every 5 households below the poverty line, half of the regional average, and lower than the national average (26 percent). In terms of hunger, Naga had the lowest preschool malnutrition rate—half of the next best performer in the Bicol region; in terms of education, it had the highest participation rate (100 percent). In terms of health, it had the lowest incidence of child and infant mortality rates, maternal mortality rates, and highest immunization coverage; it is the only locality in Bicol with 100 percent access to safe water and sanitary facilities.

What more can you ask, Mr. President? How can you not want someone like Robredo, who has an unsurpassed delivery record, at your side as you lead the Philippines in its fight against poverty?

Mr. President, in your appointments, you have accommodated friends and classmates. I ask you now to accommodate the Philippines. Keep Jesse."

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Anonymous said...

I am from Naga City and I was there when Robredo headed the City for success.There was a complete turning point in the lives of the people living in Naga City and all those things were done by Robredo.Professor Monsod's comments were all true and I join her in her advocacy to let the President know the sentiments of the Filipinos who are witnesses of quiet but strong leaders and are almost always deprived of having one.