Monday, November 22, 2010

Religious Reasons

Most of the people who oppose the RH bill are religious people, and it is their religiosity that is the wellspring of their opposition to the RH bill. I recognize this reality with my previous posts that since the Pope has approved the use of condom and non-procreative sex, there should be no more opposition to the RH bill. This is also recognized by members of Congress who support the bill when they urged the catholic church to follow the Pope's lead on the RH bill.

The various rationalizations of the oppositors why they should not listen to the Pope crystallizes this reality.

Which is of course the problem. Laws, specially laws that will affect the health of every Filipino should be based on the needs of the country, not on the religious sensibilities of people.

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Den Relojo said...

This country is damn overpopulated already! And what makes this worse is that no one seems to consider this to be a serious problem. Overpopulation causes pollution, poverty, starvation, crimes, and what-have-you’s. Government has to conduct some program and tell the people the effects of overpopulation. Mother Nature does not need more babies so people should stop breeding!

Pass the RH Bill!